Fee Structure



  • An advanced payment of a $400 nonrefundable consultation fee is required to secure a 50 minute pre-engagement mediation consultation. This consultation is required to receive consideration for mediation. The payment of the consultation fee does not guarantee acceptance of a dispute for mediation, rather consultation will be utilized to determine the suitability of a dispute for mediation. This determination is within the sole discretion of the mediator.

  • An advanced payment of a fixed engagement fee of $3,600 is required to commence mediation. This fee is nonrefundable.

  • For each scheduled day of mediation, exclusive of the first day, there is a separate daily nonrefundable service fee of $3,000, which covers the mediator's extended services and basic facility fees (additional facility fees may be required for video conferencing and other IT support, as well as interpreters, etc.., Additional fees may also be imposed for mediation that requires travel, including airfare, lodging, meals, and local transportation).

  • The average cost of our mediation services ranges from $7,000 (2 days) to $13,000 (4 days), to be shared equally among the parties in dispute ($3,500 to $6,500), in contrast to contested divorce through civil litigation costing each party in the divorce on average $15,000 to $30,000 (joint costs averaging $30,ooo to $60,000), and taking 15 to 18 months on average to reach final judgment. (See Forbes.com and Law.com online publications citing contested divorce litigation costs.)

  • See Mediation Agreement for greater details.