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Confidential Transformative Mediation for Disputes within Families

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Offering cost efficient and confidential alternative dispute resolution services through Transformative Mediation for families in conflict.


Mediation Services

We provide Transformative Mediation services for families in conflict concerning: disputes relating to marriage separation, temporary alimony support, and temporary custody arrangements, which resolutions may be adopted by the parties as the basis for a formal marriage dissolution agreement and subsequent divorce decree; disputes between heirs over estate administration and inheritance; and disputes over education, medical, and eldercare decisions. Our Transformative Mediation services are offered as a cost efficient and confidential alternative dispute resolution process to dysfunctional impasse, expensive litigation and exposure to public controversy.

Our Suitability Standards for Accepting Disputes for Mediation

We accept family disputes for mediation where: 1) all parties in conflict voluntarily elect to pursue private mediation; 2) no litigation has been commenced; and 3) if parties choose to have legal representation, that the parties and their attorneys agree to enter into a collaborative dispute resolution agreement, in which the parties and attorneys agree that their respective attorneys and law firms will not represent them in any adversarial litigation against the other party if mediation is unsuccessful. (Parties are required by written agreement to retain new attorneys and law firms in the event they abandon mediation and choose to pursue adversarial litigation against each other).

Fee Structure

Mediation Agreement

What is Transformative Mediation?

We exercise a form of Transformative Mediation from a school of thought perspective that we have branded as Neutral Advocacy ™.  Neutral Advocacy™ views impasse as a result of the parties’ in conflict unconscious emotional obstructions to experiencing shared peace.  The mediator exercising Neutral Advocacy™ seeks to broaden understanding among the parties in conflict of their respective roles in fomenting the cause and maintenance of impasse.  The intent of Neutral Advocacy™ as an approach to Transformative Mediation is to empower parties through consciousness expansion and situational awareness so as increase the parties’ appreciation of the shared rewards and contentment of peace over the shared losses and frustration of conflict.  The mediator does not propose solutions. Rather the role of the mediator is to assist the parties in conflict to listen to and understand the other party's perspective on how to reach shared peace by diffusing the emotional and psychological tensions between the parties, which tend to inhibit open dialogue and perpetuate impasse.

Are You Open and Ready for Transformative Mediation as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Process as Opposed to Adversarial Conflict in Contest through Litigation?

Conflict is a moment that demands you find peace. Without peace there is always conflict. The question to ask yourself is whether you desire peace or conflict, and whether you are able to give way for peace. Everyone in a dispute must give way for peace to be equally realized.

Hallmarks of Transformative Mediation

Our Mediators

Lindsay R.M. Jones is the Managing Principal for Lindsay R.M. Jones, LLC, d/b/a Neutral Advocacy™.  He has over 28 years of experience in conflict resolution as a practicing lawyer, former municipal judge, academic, and neutral.  In addition to assisting parties to find their own conflict solutions through Transformative Mediation, he teaches, trains, and consults on conflict resolution throughout the world.   Lindsay received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and his Juris Doctor from the University of Minnesota Law School.

Borana Hajdinaj is an equity partner with Neutral Advocacy ™. She has lived in Europe, Latin America, Asia and the United States. She has studied, written, consulted and presented on conflict resolution in the areas of family, education, business, and public policy. She speaks Albanian, English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and Turkish. She brings a uniquely dynamic presence to the art of disarming the tensions that give rise to impasse. Borana received her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Sciences from Drexel University, and her Juris Doctor from Emory University School of Law.

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